As a company, you want your online image to be up to date. If the company’s most important aspect is the people who work there, then it is important to give them a face.


of customers will first go online to see a companies website.


of companies use photos that detract from their image or use outdated profile photos for their staff.


of websites do not have photos of the owner or staff on the website.
More and more it happens that employees, on behalf of a company, blog or post messages on LinkedIn and their profile photos doesn’t look professional. Damaging the company’s image online.

Business profile photos on location for companies

As a company you want to be busy doing what you need to do. That’s why I take everything out of your hands. We plan the day(s) and the number of people. The only thing I need is a room of about 30 m2 and an electrical outlet. That is where it can stop for you in terms of organization.

I bring everything that I need and come to your location. I build the studio in about 20 minutes and am ready to get started. As long as the employees know where I am, everything will be fine.

One by one every employee gets the attention that is needed to make a beautiful profile photo. I can photograph about 100 people per day.

What does a business (LinkedIn) profile photo cost on location?

I work based on an all-in rate, depending on the number of people. My price includes travel time, set-up and dismantling time and 1 processed photo per person.

To give you an indication of the price; With 4 people you pay 350kn per employee and with 50 people you pay 150kn per employee.

I am available for assignments up to 1000 people divided over a multi-day photo shoot.

I find it very important to deliver custom work, so please contact us to discuss the details and your requirements, then I can draw up a customized quote.

The studio can be reached at +385 (0)91 518 3558 or by e-mail at

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